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Plasma Applications Group - About

The Plasma Applications Group welcomes all those having an interest in plasma processing.  Currently, the group holds thematic meetings directed to various topics relating to plasma processing.  These meetings cover new scientific and technical developments, areas of application such as semiconductors, nanotechnology, biotechnology, surface treatment, etc., and include tutorials, world market and economics, intellectual property, and other areas.  There is a diverse audience (typically about 60-70 attendees) from industry, academia and young startups.  The presentations and the lively interaction that follows reflect the diversity and wide range of interests in our Silicon Valley and worldwide community.

The Plasma Applications Group has a LinkedIn discussion board at (keyword: Plasma Applications Group) where interactive topical discussions and recent information is posted.  Group meetings are normally held bimonthly on the second Thursday of alternate months from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Please refer to the e-mail meeting Announcements for details and location. Refreshments are provided at each meeting. Every year, the PAG hosts the December meeting in collaboration with CMP and TF user groups.

We periodically organize other symposia as well as the workshops and topical conference/retreats. The PAG invites you to participate in the group by presenting the results of your work, acting as chairperson of a bi-monthly meeting or simply proposing a session topic.

Please refer to the e-mail meeting announcement or schedule page for details and location.

To join, simply enter your contact info here. Once you are on the e-mail distribution list you will receive Call for Papers and Meeting announcements prior to each meeting.

We welcome your participation! If you would like to present the results of your work, suggest a session topic, or join the committee, feel free to contact someone on the Planning Committee (see Committee page for contacts).

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