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Junction Technology Group - Proceedings

February 2013
Topic: Technology for Clean Energy
Sponsored by: JSR Micro, Physical Electronics, and UCSC MACS Facility at NASA Ames

Nanostructured energy conversion for low-power energy harvesting devices and beyond for high-power 'sun to fiber' solar devices:
Part 1
(1Mb) Part 2 (3.2Mb)
- Michael Oye and Nobuhiko Kobayashi, Advanced Studies Laboratories and Department of Electrical Engineering, University of California Santa Cruz

Advances in MOCVD Process and Equipment Technology Enabling Solid State Lighting (1Mb)
- George Papasouliotis, Veeco Instruments, Inc.

Technology and Economic Considerations for High Volume HBLED Lithography Manufacturing (2.3Mb)
- Manish Ranjan, Ultratech

Novel Plasmonic Materials for Energy-Related Devices (1.6Mb)
- Cesar Clavero, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

PV Technologies: Initial Efficiency Gain or Sustainable Power Output? (NA)
- Bruce True, Intevac

Challenges and Solutions for More Sustainable Energy Systems (1Mb)
- Stacey Bent, Stanford University

Measurement of CdTe Ratio for Composition Control (1.6Mb)
- Gary Mount, Evans Analytical Group

Process Development for Advanced Generation Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells (5.1Mb)
- James Gee, Applied Materials

Depth Profiling of OPV and OLED by Cluster Ion Beams (1.7Mb)
- John Hammond, Physical Electronics

Sunny Future for the Solar Industry (1Mb)
- KRS Murthy, I Cubed

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