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Junction Technology Group - Proceedings

July 2011
Topic: Semiconductor and Solar Junction Technology

Introductions/Key Junction Technology Points from IWJT 2011, VLSI Symposium 2011 and 37th PVSC Conference (2.4MB pdf)
- John Borland, JOB Technologies

Solar Applications:

PN Junction Formation For Advanced High Efficiency Solar Cells: Theory, Technology & Equipment (984k pdf)
- Peter Fath, Centrotherm Photovoltaics USA

Design, modeling, and optimization of silicon solar cells (2MB pdf)
- Victor Moroz, Synopsys

BBr3 Boron Furnace Doping For High Efficiency N-Cells (1.5MB pdf)
- James Hwang, Amtech

Non-contact Analysis For Advanced Emitter Structures (980k pdf)
- Andrew Findlay, Semilab

Semiconductor Applications:

Effects of Cluster Carbon Implantation at Low Temperature on Damage Recovery after Annealing (4.6MB pdf)
- Hiroshi Onoda, Nissin Ion Equipment

New damage control techniques using SEN’s single wafer implanters (1.1MB pdf)
- Michiro Sugitani, SEN Corp.

Plasma Doping of Silicon Fin Structures (7.7MB pdf)
- Sue Felch, Ion Beam Services

Laser spike annealing for 2nm node and beyond (911k pdf)
- Jeff Hebb, Ultratech

Low thermal budget microwave semiconductor processing applications for 22nm devices (533k pdf)
- Jeff Kowalski, DSG Technologies

Optimizing Spike Anneals For 32nm ad Beyond (1.8MB pdf)
- Wolfgang Aderhold, Applied Materials

The measurement of strain enhanced mobility (345k pdf)
- Si Prussin, UCLA

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