CMP Users Group - Proceedings

April 2008
CMP Challenges & CMP Solutions - Focus on Consumables

Consumable Technologies to Cover a Wide Variety of CMP Applications (1.7MB pdf)
- Paul Feeney, Cabot Microelectronics

CMP Conditioner and Pad Characterization (3.9MB pdf)
- Len Borucki, Araca Incorporated

Advances in Colloidal Silica Particle Technology (not available)
- Kerry Lindemann,, Rohm and Haas EM

Role of Online Communities and Planarization (3.9MB pdf)
- Robert Petrossian, InfoNeedle Inc.

Dressing of Resilient Pads for CMP of 32nm IC Wafers: Implications for Future Manufacture of 450mm Semiconductor Wafers (Large File Size: 20MB pdf)
- Michael Sung, Advanced Diamond Solutions

July 2008
Business Aspects of CMP, and CMP - New Advances & Emerging Technology

Business Aspects of CMP:

The History and Future of CMP (1.2MB pdf)
- Karey Holland, NexPlanar Corp.

Still Planar After All These Years (983K pdf)
- Mike Fury, InterCross IP Management LLC/Techcet Group, LLC

Consolidation Trends in the CMP Suppliers Base (525K pdf)
- Mike Corbett, Linx Consulting

An Alternate Definition of CMP: Cost Managed Processes (3.5MB pdf)
- Robert Rhoades of Entrepix

CMPlicity: Displacing Cost and Complexity with Efficiency and Simplicity in CMP (1.9MB pdf)
- John Hughes, ATMI

The Value of Industry Focused Social Networks to Planarization Companies and Their Professionals (2.1MB pdf)
- Robert Petrossian, InfoNeedle Inc.

New Advances and Emerging Technology:

Analyses of Diamond Disc Substrate Wear and Diamond Micro-Wear in Copper Chemical Mechanical Planarization Process (7.0MB pdf)
- Yun Zhuang, Araca, Inc.

Novel Particles and Matching Chemistry in CMP Slurries for 22 nm Technology Node (784K pdf)
- Yuzhuo Li, BASF

CMP for Emerging Applications (not available)
- Yuchun Wang, Applied Materials

Examples of CMP Processes for the Manufacturing of MEMS Devices (1.4MB pdf)
- Gerfried Zwicker, Fraunhofer

The Effect of Conditioner Design on Pad Texture (3.3MB pdf)
- Dave Slutz, Morgan Advanced Ceramics

September 2008
Topic: CMP Infrastructure and Support Systems

Developing Filtration Solutions for Advanced Technology Nodes (475K pdf)
- Pat Levy, Pall

Facilities Recommendations: Liquid Supply Systems (145K pdf)
- Brian Orzechowski, Divind

CMPLicity: Driving Material Delivery Forward (not available)
- John Hughes, ATMI

Weighing Options for CMP Wastewater Treatment (62K pdf)
- Kevin Olson, Nalco Company

Optical and Motor Current Endpoint Detection
- Randy Treur, Strasbaugh

Q. CMP performance – who is in control? A. Debris and variation from pad conditioning
- Yeheil Gotkis, KLA-Tencor

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